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Stay Calm and Comfortable

Sedation Dentistry in Bardstown

Many patients can benefit from sedation during dental appointments— this option isn’t reserved for any specific treatment or procedure. Whether you are feeling nervous about an upcoming appointment, you have a strong gag reflex, or your scheduled procedure requires extended time in Dr. Walton’s chair, our sedation options can help keep you comfortable.

“Laughing Gas”

At Walton Family Dentistry, we offer laughing gas for patients who would like to be sedated during their treatment. This sedative is administered through a comfortable mask that is worn over your nose. Dr. Walton will adjust the flow of the laughing gas to ensure that the right amount is administered to keep you calm and comfortable throughout your entire procedure. Laughing gas gives patients a feeling of euphoria, though you will be fully conscious during your treatment.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry  

Laughing gas is an ideal sedative option for many reasons. Since it is inhaled, there is no added obstacle of needles or a painful injection. Laughing gas takes effect almost immediately, and it will keep you feeling happy and relaxed throughout your entire treatment. Additionally, the effects wear off almost immediately after your procedure, which means that you can enjoy the rest of your day as you normally would once you leave your appointment.

Candidates for Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a safe and effective way to minimize discomfort and manage pain. Most patients are good candidates for this sedative, though certain health conditions, such as bronchitis and emphysema, may disqualify you. To learn more about whether laughing gas is available for you during your treatment, give us a call to speak with Dr. Walton!

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