Conservative (tooth-preserving) and highly cosmetic cavity repair with composite dental fillings

At Walton Family Dentistry in Bardstown, Kentucky, we practice the three C’s: Compassionate, Conservative, and Cutting-edge dentistry. Composite fillings are a great complement to this approach to care. They are also highly cosmetic – no silver-hued fillings here!  

Filling you in about composites  

Composite represents a type of dental material used for cosmetic and restorative treatments. For instance, our dentist, Dr. Michael Walton, may use this acrylic-based resin to replace worn tooth enamel or tooth structure that has been irrevocably damaged due to tooth decay. Once “prepared,” composite resin may be shaped, applied, and securely bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth to cover up imperfections, such as chips, slight cracks, or gaps between teeth.  

Likewise, composites are a worthy filling material. As the name suggests, fillings quite literally “fill in” a portion of a tooth that has been lost due to tooth decay or other trauma. Fillings are often associated with cavity repair because progressive decay can lead to damage or holes (cavities) in the tooth surface. It is a must that we resolve this damage. So, the tooth structure can be restored, and the decay process can be stopped before it threatens the tooth’s integrity.  

The process of rebuilding an attractive, strong tooth 

There are generally two key steps associated with cavity repair or the fillings procedure at our office:

  • Preparing the natural tooth to “accept” the filling 
  • Preparing the composite to replace lost tooth structure  

The first step generally involves removing any damaged or diseased tissue. The tooth is then shaped to ensure the most natural and secure bond between biological tissue and the dental composite. Due to the nature of metal-free composites, minimal tooth structure is removed or altered to rebuild the damaged tooth. That is what makes composite filling repair such a conservative, tooth-preserving process. Now, it’s time to prepare and place the new tooth structure!  

We assure you that the composite is perfectly color-matched to blend in with the rest of the tooth (and the neighboring teeth). The material is then precisely applied to the damaged surface, which has been treated with a specialized adhesive to support the strongest bond. Once the material has been applied and shaped correctly, Dr. Walton hardens and secures it with a light-based dental instrument. 

Our patients love composite dental fillings because they are:

  • Attractive and look like natural teeth 
  • Safe, even for patients with sensitivities to other materials 
  • Comfortable – they don’t irritate surrounding tissues
  • Highly durable due to their conservative nature 
  • It can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene at home and professional hygiene visits at our office – no special care or products required! 

The entire procedure can be completed in a single visit and is incredibly cost-effective because our high-quality fillings are designed to last and last. We encourage you to contact us right away at (502) 610-0151 to schedule an appointment at our Bardstown office. We proudly serve Bloomfield, Mount Washington, Clermont, and the surrounding area. Walton Family Dentistry can even restore an eroded tooth with little more than modifications to hygiene or oral care products if the damage is detected and addressed early enough into the disease process.

What to expect after your filling?


This is a reference video on takes place after having a filling placed.  It’s not uncommon to have irritation or tenderness of the gums surrounding the tooth that was worked on for a couple of days. This should resolves on its own. It is also not uncommon to have some sensitivity to temperatures such as cold, which can last for a couple days, or couple of weeks. This can be easily treated with some sensitive toothpaste such as Sensodyne, by coating the tooth each night before bed  for the next few days.  If you have any tenderness when chewing or biting or pressure of any kind on that tooth, this is something that could be a little bit more serious and would need to be addressed in our office. Please give us a call – its 502 350 1151. Thanks.